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Mix it up!

Have you ever thought how you reach out to your customers?

Check out these 6 ways of sweetening your Marketing Communication mix to reach out and connect with "your" people who will grow your business.

1. Advertising

Think Facebook, Google Ads, print media, local radio and even television.

This is best used as a long term, sustained campaign to keep your brand front and centre with your customers - think large supermarkets and fast food outlets. It builds up your brand credibility over a period of time. The big players spend serious money here.

2. Sales Promotions

Think competitions, coupons, giveaways, seasonal sales and other promotions. This can bring you customers faster to prop up flagging sales. It can also entice customers to try your brand for the first time (free samples work great here). This can also work well on social media.

3. Events and Experiences

Think preview events, new product releases and Member's Only events. This is more of a 'soft' sell. It makes your customers feel valued and important. Wine and cheese night anyone?

4. Public Relations and Publicity

Think free publicity! Use a third party such as a newspaper or radio station to promote your product. This gives you more street cred with customers. It also allows you to reach a different market than your usual one and allows sales rep phobic customers to connect with your brand.

5. Personal Selling

Think the sales rep at your door. This is the most effective way of closing sales with clients that have seen the products already through advertising etc. It allows you to develop a rapport with your customers, better understand their needs, tailor your offer and close the sale. Believe me, I have over 10 years experience in this area!

6. Direct Marketing

Think emails in your inbox from all those newsletters you signed up to. Mail Chimp is one popular platform used to directly target customers who are already interested in your products or services. You can tailor your offerings to directly appeal to individual groups of clients.

Remember... the aim is to make sales!

Don't spend money you don't have on costly advertising.

Don't give away more than you can afford in promotions and expensive product launches.

Do get creative and try and get third party media coverage for free.

Do reach out to your customers, listen to their needs and offer them what they want to buy!

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