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Everyone has a story to tell...


tell it with website design, social media posts, and more...

Helping Community Groups

Flexi Sales and Marketing builds affordable websites, manages social media posts, writes and designs newsletters and brochures, promotes events and designs other marketing material such as banners and business cards for your community group.


Julie de Visser has over 25 years professional marketing experience and business consultant experience working with community groups. As an active volunteer herself, she has volunteered with a range of organisations and understands your challenges.  She can assist with business planning, business systems, business strategies, marketing, and so much more...


Give Julie a call today for a friendly chat!

Tell Your Story ...


Stay connected with your community with an emailing list. Let them know when meetings are on and anything else that your audience enjoys.

We can also design and deliver online surveys to help you with community feedback on issues important to your group.

 Prefer old fashioned paper newsletters?

We can do that too!

In Short ...

We'll do as little or as much as you require.

As Volunteers ourselves, we appreciate all you do for your Community. 

We offer a Community Partnership Program to get you started including a complimentary 1 hour consult to get you on the right track. 

We can help you find grants to pay for us and we can write them for you too!


We can build you a website and set up your social media.

  We'll get some great photos, shoot some video, and organise an email out to your members.  We can regularly post to social media for you and also email newsletters to your members as required. 

Then you can get back to Volunteering!

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